Land and Offshore

Offshore Platform and Rig Rentals

  • Cascade racks – six cylinder racks (takes up less space than the eight bottles)
  • Air packs
  • Fixed and portable detection systems
  • All the necessary safety items
  • Equipment is sent out in engineer certified containers that are pull tested and compliant with regulations
  • 4X8 H2S signs available
  • Able to outfit all necessary support vessels and evacuation boats

Land Trailer Rentals

  • Outfitted with the newest technology in detection and equipment
  • Wireless detection
  • Air packs
  • Safety equipment
  • Detection (handheld and fixed)
  • Accessories need to set up a working air system
  • Dual-Fill Bauer refill station that prevents injuries from a cylinder rupture
  • Refill station included
  • Haskel booster pump – boosts air pressure in the cascade system from as low as 1000 PSI into 4500 PSI in order to refill SCBA bottles
  • Hose reel – allows for quick and easy setup
  • Entrance warning sign as well as flags to represent the dangers currently present

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