Breathing Air Rentals

Breathing Equipment Rentals

MSA Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) AirHawk II   and
MSA PremAire Cadet Escape Respirator are available for rental.

Bottle Rack Rentals

  • One or six 4500 PSI, 444 cubic foot cylinders
  • Contained in a pull tested engineer-approved rack with four lifting pad eyes
  • Comes with its own sling that is pull tested annually
  • Saves space and provides the same amount of air as the eight bottle rack containing 2216 PSI cylinders.
  • All air quality is tested in the cylinders before they leave our shop


  • High pressure regulators set to exceed the requirements of the 4500 PSI cylinders
  • Contains a pop-off valve to prevent over pressurizing of the low pressure side of the system


  • Exceed the maximum pressure and demand of the low pressure side of the system
  • Everything is connected together through a series of high pressure and low pressure hoses


  • Various lengths
  • Each hose is extensively tested to assure the utmost performance

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