Future of Gas Detection: Enter the Drones

Posted by Air Safety Systems on Oct 18, 2018 12:12:36 PM

Drone flying over the gulf of mexico

Drones are slowly working their way into every aspect of our lives. (Click here or check out the video below to see a drone beverage caddy designed by StoneWall Engineering and Aerobotics Energy Group from the 2016 Opportunity Machine Expo.) In casual settings, they are a fun recreational toy that allows use of their cameras to fly around and see the yard in a completely different way. In commercial settings, their uses range from helping directors film movies to allowing farmers to check their livestock many acres away without leaving the house. With a seemingly limitless amount of uses for drones, it makes sense the air safety industry should make use of these invaluable tools.




The beauty of drone technology is that it has evolved independently from other techniques. The separate evolution has allowed other science fields to combine their technology to the drones to revolutionize certain industries. An example would be the oil and gas industry.

drone oil and gas

Drones are now helping workers explore and gather geological information to form better calculations of where these natural resources may be found. The results have been unprecedented, helping companies break oil production records. Air safety agencies are testing similar maneuvers with the hopes of following the same path other industries have taken. The goal is to combine an already precise gas detection system with the power of drones.



Combining these two advanced systems will provide an unprecedented level of safety. Sending drones into potentially unsafe areas before human involvement will help mitigate most of the risks posed to gas detection workers. After analysis of the composition of the air in the area is sent back by the drone, workers will then be able to proceed with a better understanding of what obstacles lays ahead. Drone gas detectors, along with other improved technology, will allow companies to make better and more informed decisions moving forward.

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Gas detection has come a long way in the past couple of centuries. The first gas detectors, canaries, were used as a reverse alarm in the 19th and 20th centuries. From there, computer technology slowly made its way forward beginning with bulky single gas detectors evolving into the handheld multi-gas detectors that are used today. Although the future is never one hundred percent certain, it seems highly likely that more and more companies will opt into adopting drone technology for their uses.


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